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Marketing Campaigns

DXLG's Spring Media Campaign officially kicked off on April 2, 2017 with a reprisal of the highly successful "You're Looking Good" campaign. Strategically incorporated into a solid television lineup, DXL is grabbing viewers' attention on popular networks such as ESPN, CBS, and the Golf Channel, as well as on highly rated programs including Hawaii Five-0, Blue Bloods, The Amazing Race, and The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. The campaign is also being featured prominently in sports programming such as Mike & Mike, the NFL Draft, the NBA and NHL Playoffs, as well as during Major League Baseball games.

The campaign dramatizes the act of getting dressed, with snippets of four men in close-up making final adjustments to their outfits inside DXL fitting rooms. As they emerge in unison, their slow-motion gait, accompanied by fanfare music, evokes a feeling of warriors preparing for battle. They stride side-by-side, confident and heroic, as one man's proud wife and DXL store associates gaze in awe at them. Each man's look represents a different lifestyle; this emphasizes the one-stop shopping experience DXL provides, with its wide selection of style options and brands. The spot also offers a glimpse inside a DXL store, showcasing its unique and eye-catching atmosphere.

The "You're Looking Good" campaign offers a solution-oriented, aspirational approach for men who wear waist size 38" and up. This latest media venture continues the long-term strategy of building brand awareness, affinity and, ultimately, customer loyalty to DXL Men's Apparel.