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the power of a CUSTOM SUIT
how to get a CUSTOM SUIT
anatomy of a CUSTOM SUIT
anatomy of a CUSTOM SHIRT
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THE SHIRT COLLAR | Try the two-finger test... | As a general rule, you should be able to comfortably fit two fingers between your neck and the fastened collar. If you can't, it's too tight. Any more and it's too loose - and not even a tie will help hide that.
THE SHOULDERS | One place on a suit that even a fine tailor can't alter is the shoulders. If the shoulders are too big, you look like a kid playing dress-up. The shoulder seam should rest naturally on your shoulder. It should be smooth, and should not have an indent in the drape when you stand with your arms by your side.
OVERALL COMFORT | When you sit, unbutton the jacket so it doesn't ride up. When appropriate, remove the jacket to avoid wrinkling. If your pants are bunching in the crotch when seated, they're too tight. If you can't sit comfortably without the suit pulling at you, it's time to reassess.
SLEEVE LENGTH | Let's start with the shirt sleeve. It should hit where your wrist and palm meet. The jacket sleeve, on the other hand, should hit at the bump in the wrist where your arm meets your hand. When worn together, about ½" of the shirt cuff should show when your arms are at your side.
JACKET LENGTH | The jacket should completely cover the top of your rear end, but no more than that. Rule of thumb: the jacket should end somewhere between your thumb's knuckle and the base of the thumb.
PLEATS | If you have a larger build and larger legs, pleated pants will help to balance out your overall appearance, and can provide a more slimming effect. They also allow more freedom of movement. Just don't overdo it - one or two pleats are plenty.
FLAT-OUT FASHIONABLE | Flat-front dress pants are a bit more casual, but on the right body type, they create a smooth, streamlined look. Guys with larger proportions may find flat-front pants too restrictive and binding. Remember, comfort is also key to great style.
PANT LENGTH | The right "break" can make the look... | When we refer to a break in the pants, this is where the pants hit the shoes, creating one single fold in the fabric across the front of the leg. To achieve the ideal "break," the hem of the pants should hit midway between the top of the shoe and the top of the shoe's sole.
WIDTH & WISDOM | For a modern look, aim for a tie that's about two and a half inches wide at its widest point. When tied, the tip of your tie should reach exactly to your beltline.
MASTER THE MIX | When choosing a shirt and tie, don't worry about mixing colors and patterns if you find it overwhelming. A solid dark tie with a white or light-color shirt is always a fail-safe combination.
CHANGE OF SEASONS | Coordinate the fabric of your tie to that of your suit or sport coat: wear cotton ties with cotton suits in the spring and summer, wool ties with wool suits in fall and winter . Silk ties work in any season.
WINDSOR KNOT | This classic and most formal style produces a wide, symmetrical triangular knot that works best when paired with a medium or wide spread collar.
HALF-WINDSOR KNOT | The most popular knot, and one of the simplest to tie, the Half Windsor is nearly symmetrical and produces a substantial dimple when tied correctly. It works best with button-down, medium and wide spread collars.
FOUR-IN-HAND KNOT | If you learn to tie only one type of knot, make it this one. It's the easiest to tie, and looks natural and elegant. Slender, tapered and somewhat asymmetrical, it works
well with every style of collar.
PRATT KNOT | Versatile, elegant and of a medium size, this symmetrical favorite complements any style of collar. It uses less length than the Half Windsor or Windsor, and so is well suited to taller men.
BOW TIE | Not just for formalwear, this cool, preppy style is the perfect choice for the man who likes to stand out from his peers. It requires a bit of practice, but once mastered it works with every style of collar.
finishing TOUCHES
MONOGRAMMING | Monograms can add personality and manly charm to your shirting, when done right. A monogram should be subtle, not pretentious. The embroidery color should complement the shirt color.
CUFF LINK | No men's accessory gets you noticed more than a great pair of cuff links - only wear them on a shirt with French cuffs.
POCKET SQUARE | The pocket square should always complement the colors in your tie, but never match them exactly.


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