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Marketing Campaigns


September 29th marks the start of Destination XL’s second wave national advertising. The campaign is designed to draw attention to the many challenges men who wear XL sizes face when shopping for clothes and position apparel superstore DXL as the one-stop-shopping solution for the style needs of this underserved consumer.

The campaign titled "No Man's Land" uses humor to underscore the shared and relatable shopping frustrations bigger guys face, and reminds them that Destination XL is committed to addressing their fashion needs. The television spot features bigger men standing in a barren wasteland aimlessly searching for quality clothing that fits. In one scene, a grown man in his underwear exclaims, "I found this shirt, but I can't find any pants that fit" as he sifts through clothes desperately trying to piece together an outfit. This is a common problem for men searching for XL sizes who, more often than not, walk out of stores empty-handed due to the consistent lack of options.

We are measuring campaign success through a combination of brand awareness, store and web sales, traffic and new customers to the brand. This marks the beginning of a long term effort to build brand awareness, affinity and ultimately loyalty for DXL.


The following ad airs nationally in sports and male-skewing programming across both network and cable TV.


The following ad airs nationally in sports, news and music programming.

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