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Marketing Campaigns

DXLG's Spring Media Campaign officially kicked off on April 28, 2016 with a continuation of its 'You're Looking Good' ad campaign. The series, entitled 'Look and Feel', illustrates the before-and-after 'look and feel' of three DXL customers in humorous, entertaining, and memorable vignettes. Each scenario opens with a man exiting a DXL dressing room, looking stylish and confident, to the announcer's voice stating, "This is how you'll look when you shop at DXL." In the scenes that follow, two of the men crash through the dressing room door - one in "rock star" mode, the other in "football player" mode - while the third man crashes through the store ceiling in "superhero" mode. As these men boast their new personas, the announcer states, "But this is how you'll feel."

For the Spring, the "rockstar and "superhero" scenes will be televised on major networks such as: ESPN, CBS, FX, Comedy Central, Spike, and AMC, among others - and will be strategically placed on highly rated programs including: The Late Show Stephen Colbert, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Mike & Mike, Person Of Interest, 48 Hours, PGA Tour, and Hawaii Five-O. The campaign will also have a presence on radio, as well as online. This latest effort continues DXLG's long-term strategy of utilizing breakthrough advertising in order to build brand awareness and customer loyalty.


The following ad airs nationally in sports and male-skewing programming across both network and cable TV.