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Designed with an athletic build in mind, this style has more room in the seat and thighs but is tailored to fit the body. Five pockets. 99% cotton/1% spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

True Nation® Athletic-Fit Washed Blue Jeans

Designed with an athletic build in mind, this style has more room in the seat and thighs but is tailored to fit the body. Five pockets. 99% cotton/1% spandex. Machine wash. Imported.

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True Nation® Athletic-Fit Washed Blue Jeans

    Finally comfy jeans for larger guys


    Love how these fit!!


    Niagara Falls NY




    Love the look on my husband and he enjoys the comfort fit


    Elmendorf TX


    Great jeans!


    Great for my 20-yr old Autistic son! Thought to find this kind of great product!

    DXL Lover

    Omaha Nebraska


    Would buy again


    Very comfortable Jean.

    J. D.

    Burlington, NC


    Perfect for in my life now


    I have lost a great deal of weight. I was still wearing my fat clothes. It was nice to buy a nice comfortable jean. It's been a long time.


    Ann Arbor, Mi


    Excellent fit


    Great fit and feel.




    In love with these jeans


    If you're here shopping for jeans, then of course you're probably a bigger guy, as I have been most of my life. I have always been annoyed at the fact that clothing manufactures usually equate larger sized jeans to longer legs and baggier roomier pant legs. But these athletic fit jeans are PERFECT. I found these by chance and didn't even know that they make athletic fit jeans in big men's sizes. To give some perspective, I am about 5'11'' and weigh 300+. I'm a tightly packed big guy, and my body isn't everywhere, but when I buy jeans they're usually soooo slouchy and baggy looking. Well, True Nation got it right. I'm a size 52, and these jeans provide a size 28 inseam which were PERFECT for me. The hems of the jeans come to the middle of the back of my heel. So I can wear them with sneakers OR boots, and don't have to worry about stepping all over my hems like I've pretty much done my entire life. The legs are not snug at all- they are breathable and don't give you that baggy and slouchy look. And I hate to use labels- but the slouchiness made me look like a slob that didn't care how I looked. But in reality, It's really all I could afford when it comes to bigger sized jeans. But now I thankfully have a good job where I can afford to look around for other sources of clothing- and True Nation is quickly becoming my go to brand because they clearly understand that I don't want to look like I'm wearing a sack of potatoes just because I'm a big guy. They keep me looking classy and remember that I'm a person that matters too.

    Nice Guy Charles



    My new favorite pair of jeans


    This is an amazing pair of jeans! It's very rare that clothing designers get jeans right for big men, but True Nation is king of the hill. To give a little perspective, I'm around 5'10" and weight 360 lbs. so I'm a big guy and plus size jeans ALWAYS look baggy no matter how form fitting they claim to be. Plus you always end up stepping on the cuffs. This pair is PERFECT. I ordered size 52W and 28L. And they come right to my ankles. The jeans are form fitting to my legs and perfect around the waist. In fact, I'm pretty sure I could pull off a 50w with this cut. The denim is breathable and super comfortable and cool. I wore it to a work outing and got compliments. Cannot regret this buy!

    Chuff Chuffman

    New Jersey


    I bought a second pair.


    It was all good.


    Fulton MO


    Comfortable everyday jeans, not heavy enough for work.


    Comfortable everyday jeans, not heavy enough for work.


    Champaign, IL


    True NationĀ® Athletic-Fit Washed Blue Jeans

    4.8 24


    How does Athletic fit compare to Loose Fit and Relaxed fit? Is there a chart somewhere that compares the three? Thanks.


    Thank you for your inquiry. There is a chart on our website. If you click on "Jeans" from the left side of the page, there will be some options, one of them is "The Denim Guide". This will give you the difference in the fits, however, the Athletic Fit has not been added. It is similar to the Relaxed Fit and the Loose Fit, but most likely more room in the thigh, more so than anywhere else.

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