You’re definitely going to see more skull-motif apparel go mainstream this week, but, it’s also becoming a trend, turned true fashion statement in months other than October.


People have used skull graphics for hundreds of years. During the Renaissance, skulls were a tribute to Earth’s delicate nature, reminding us that the nature of life is only temporary. Tattoo artists have done amazing work with hellish illustrations for years demonstrating the yin and yang of skulls and roses––there’s meaning, it’s not just to look badass (although, that can be an added bonus).


Skulls have always been a rock ‘n roll staple, too. Take the Grateful Dead, Iron Maiden (actually, Eddie should top this list), Guns n’ Roses, the Misfits, the Offspring…all have transcended decades and have used skull graphics as part of their band images and album artwork. Still, outside of a high school Goth phase, a band tee or Halloween, we didn’t typically see many skulls incorporated into daily wear.



You can blame (or thank) Alexander McQueen for that. McQueen, a British fashion designer, helped popularize the graphic as an accessory. His prints have been seen on Johnny Depp, Drake and George Clooney, to name a few.


Speaking of Johnny Depp—the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise also fueled skulls into the mainstream. Depp claims Captain Jack Sparrow was partly inspired by the legendary Keith Richards. Add in the popularity of shows like Sons of Anarchy and Walking Dead and it’s easy to see how what was once Goth has become popular.


How can you wear the look? Brands like Psycho Bunny build upon the iconic graphic—and do so with a bit of humor, bringing it into a wearable year-round look.


More subtle skulls by designers like Lucky Brand, Robert Graham, Buffalo David Bitton, True Religon and more, can even edge their way into the workplace on a casual day. Pair with dark jeans and an unstructured sport coat or sport shirt, and you’ve instantly made a statement.


Not ready to go that bold? Rock grim death on your socks for an understated look.

Certainly more conservative, and less scary.

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